Terms of Use
Shoprises is a business platform that provides businesses with tools and technologies to help them build their own online stores and sell products and services on the website. We believe that freedom, openness and communications are the key principles of business. However, there are some activities are incompatible with Shoprises's mission— to create a better e-commerce service. This "Terms of Use" describes some of the activities that are prohibited when you use our services.

The "materials" mentioned below refer to any photos, images, videos, graphics, written content, audio files, codes, information or data related to your account or are uploaded, collected, generated, stored, displayed, published, transmitted, displayed by your account.

The following activities are prohibited:
1. Child exploitation:
You may not provide goods and services which illegally use or abuse children's rights, and may not post or upload any of such materials, including but not limited to child abuse or sexual abuse, or pictures or descriptions which display or introduce children in a sexual way.
2. Harassment, bullying, defamation and threats:
You may not provide goods or services that harass, bully, defame or threaten specific individuals, and you may not publish or upload such materials.
3. Malicious content:
You must not use our services to promote or condone discrimination and hatred behaviors against race, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, health status, or veteran status, or post or upload such materials. You may not use our services to condone or support any organization, platform or individual: ( i ) to promote or condone such hatred; or ( ii ) further promote such threats or condone such violence.
4. Illegal activities:
You may not provide, publish or upload any goods or services which facilitate or promote illegal activities in the jurisdictions you located.
5. Intellectual Property:
You may not provide goods or services that infringe the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of others, or publish or upload such materials.
6. Malicious and deceptive practices:
You must not use Shoprises services to spread malware or host phishing pages. You must not conduct activities which will damage or destroy the service operation or other infrastructures of Shoprises or Shoprises's third party collaborators, nor upload or release such materials. You may not use this service for deceptive business activities or any other illegal or deceptive activities.
7. Personal and confidential information:
You may not publish or upload any materials which include personal identity information, personal sensitive information or confidential information (such as credit card numbers, confidential national ID numbers, or account password) unless you have obtained the consent from the information owner or have been authorized to do so.
8. Self-harm:
You may not provide or promote goods or services related to self-harm, nor may you post or upload such materials.
9. Spamming:
You must not use this service to transmit any commercial information without the user's permission.
10. Terrorist organizations:
You may not provide goods or services that suggest, promote or sponsor terrorist activities, or post or upload such materials, or become a member of any terrorist organization.

If your activity violates this "Terms of Use" (including your activities other than using Shoprises services), we have the right to delete any materials at any time, suspend or terminate your account and your access to our services.

Shoprises has the right to supervise or investigate at any time that whether the materials and Shoprises services you use comply with this "Terms of Service" and the "Terms of Service" of Shoprises, or any other consensus or agreement reached with Shoprises (collectively referred to as the "Agreement"). Our decision on whether there is any violation of this Agreement will be final and binding, and we have the discretion of how to deal with violations of this Agreement (including not taking any action If Shoprises user violates the agreement ("defaulting user"), which causes Shoprises to assume third-party compensation liability, Shoprises reserves the right to claim compensation from defaulting user at any time; at the same time, Shoprises reserves the right to require the defaulting user to bear the compensation responsibility for the goodwill damage of Shoprises.

In order to provide you with better services and with the development of Shoprises business, this agreement will also be updated accordingly. The revised version of the "Terms of Use" will be announced at https://www.shoplazza.com/aup or we will use other appropriate means to remind you of the update of the relevant content before it becomes effective. Please also visit the Shoprises website to keep abreast of the latest use agreement Terms.

If there is a conflict between the "Terms of Use" and the "Terms of Service", the "Terms of Use" shall prevail, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflicts. Terms used in this agreement but not defined shall be defined according to their meaning in the agreement.